domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

Angélica Argüelles Kubli estudied graphic design in 1981 at the "Universidad Iberoamericana". She experimented with different techniques and developed her abilities in painting. Specializing in illustration, she perfected the use of oil paintings, and experimented with other textures at the oil painting workshop at the "Secretaria de Educación Pública", and later establishing her own workshop where she currently dedicates herself to putting her dreams, fantasies, and realities on canvas. Her work represents models and communicates ideas under easily comprehensible forms for everyone. Her originality and freedom as an artist allows her compositions to be free of traditional academic conventions. Her expert use of color and form are product of natural talent. She has participated in more than 350 collective expositions in forums across the entire Mexican republic, such as the national museum of art and culture at the " Universidad de Chapingo", the exposition room at the Puebla airport, the art museum in Mazatlán Sinaloa, and the San Pedro museum in Puebla. She has also participated in auctions from foundations such as "México Vivo" at the museum of modern art , the Mouriño foundation, "Mascaras de Aliento CONFE" the YOLIA foundation , as well 26 individual expositions of which some of the noteworthy ones are "La magia del color " at the " Centro Asturiano de México", "Color e imaginación sin límites" at the " Universidad Pedagógica Nacional ", "El mundo y su color" at the "Escuela Bancaria y Comercial ", "Tradición fiesta y color" At the "Camino Real" at the México City airport, "Fiestas y tradiciones del mundo" at "The Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias "and "El Convento" restaurant, " Figura y Forma" at the "Camino Real" at the México city airport, "Mimetismo" at the "Centro Asturiano de México", "Mitología y Mimetismos" at the "lotería Nacional" building. "sensaciones" at the "Casino Español". She was awarded the "Excelsis Diamante" award for being a successful woman in the quality of her work by the Global Quality Foundation. The BASF company published on of her works in their 2011 international calendar,having won a contest for that purpose. On February 3rd, 2012 the "lotería Nacional" dedicated a tribute to her and made a ticket featuring her art for the " Sorteo Superior 2300". Winner of the " Mujer Emprende en el Arte 2012" award. She got the " Pergamino de oro " in 2014.

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